You’re just a supporting character, so love me!
  • 4.3
  • Alternative:어차피 조연인데 나랑 사랑이나 해
  • Author:단디 / 소다파이
  • Views:6.959.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Webtoons

You’re just a supporting character, so love me!


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Read manhwa You’re a Supporting Character, Just Love Me / 어차피 조연인데 나랑 사랑이나 해 “I want to convey my heart.” I suffered from a unilateral fever of love for the supporting character in the book who faces a miserable ending. But… was that a little too much? To the point where you’re in a book? I don’t know who God is, but the consumer satisfaction assessment is satisfactory. ‘Sorry, I saw your butt on the way out. Kyle’s ass is so pretty.’ ‘Why are you looking at my ass!’ ……no, I didn’t mean to express my feelings this much. Help me, Roban. Help me. Telepathy that you can only hear it with sincerity. Do you really count the insidiousness? Kim Geum-ja is struggling today with her dark heart towards her favorite character.I’m gonna be Josephine and I’m gonna be next to Kyle! “I don’t know if it’s a man, but Josephine, who doesn’t know how to write, doesn’t do anything.” What? Well……I’ll be your man. Hello, my name is Joe. I’m a man from today.

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